Zamorra’s biography

Zamorra biography 2020

Who is Zamorra?

Zamorra is one of the upcoming Nigerian musicians who have worked hard to produce good music. He was born in kettu, Lagos state but spent more years in ondo state.

Zamorra rose to limelight with the song importanter of which he did the remix with small doctor.

What is Zamorra’s Age?
For now his actual Age is unknown because he has not released informations about his private life. But he is in his late 20’s.

His Educational life

Zamorra finished his secondary school years at LA Salle College Ondo state.

After graduating from LA Salle college, Zamorra went further to study in Obafemi Awolowo university where he started having time for his musical career. He was known as virus Zamorra due to the way his fame began to spread but currently his stage name is Zamorra.

What is Zamorra’s networth?
Zamorra’s networth is unknown for now, but he post flashy pictures which shows that his Aza is awake. He currently has 58.8k followers on his Instagram page

What are some of his songs?
He has produced some singles and also gone far to feature famous musicians like small doctor in his music. Some of his hits are


Run Away

And others.

What is Zamorra’s real name?

Zamorra’s full name is not yet known as his private informations are yet to be retrieved. But his real name is Shina.

What tribe is Zamorra from?

Mr importanter (Zamorra) is a yoruba boy. He is from Ondo state. Zamora speaks Yoruba and English.

Zamorra biography 2020