Paul Pogba and Neymar jr: Who is richer?

Pogba’s networth

Paul Pogba who plays for France national team and currently a Manchester united player has won awards both in his country and for his club.

Pogba is funny player who lightens up the mood of his team mates whenever they are in for fun
He is 26 years old.

Paul Pogba is a Muslim. His is a midfielder for both his country team and his club (Manchester united) pogba started playing soccer since he was little and he joined his first team when he was 6years old

Paul Pogba’s net worth is $85million

Neymar’s net worth

The 27years old Neymar JR. Is a Brazilian, he plays for the Brazil national team and also for Paris Saint Germain football club. He had recently had an Injury which made him loose several matches for his team, but he has returned to training.

The Brazilian player is also know for his swag.

Neymar has won several award both for himself and for clubs. He has played with great players like messi when he was in Barcelona football club.

Neymar who has made fame through football has also made money through football.

His net worth is $185million.

He is richer than Manchester united midfielder Paul Pogba.