Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) and will smith: Who is richer?

Dwayne Johnson’s networth

Dwayne Johnson popularly know as the Rock is an actor and a wreser.

The Rock has won several awards both in acting and in wrestling. His first acting role was in the Scorpion’ king and from there he began to grow big in the movie industry

Dwayne’s father and grandfather was also a professional wrestler. Dwayne Johnson is known to be funny in most of his films especially when acting along side with kelvin hart

His networth is estimated to be $280million

Will Smith’s networth

Will Smith who is a popular actor and the father to the boy who acted karate kid.

Will is married. He has won lots of award. Will smith is a rapper and actor. He has done acted in movies like focus, men on black and many other

His son acted karate kid which was a hit as at then

Will smith networth is estimated to be $300 million

Will is richer than the Rock