Anthony Joshua and Floyd May Weather: Who is richer?

Anthony Joshua’s networth

Famous Anthony Joshua who has won several fights in boxing and also several awards is a Nigerian

Joshua is a Nigerian and also a foriegner but based abroad. He has endorsement deal with glo company and he posses expensive cars and house

The strong fighter has made lots of money from several fights of which he won

Anthony Joshua’s networth is estimated to be $60million

Floyd May Weather’s networth

May weather who has a 49 fights unbeaten records before his retirement and added 1 after his retirement which total 50 unbeaten

May weather lives a lavish lifestyle, he own several cars houses and gold chains of which he flaunts on his Instagram account

May weather has won lots of award as a boxer
His father was also a professional boxer so also his other two uncles

May weather’s networth is estimated to be $565million and this is far bigger than Anthony Joshua’s networth.

May weather is richer than Anthony Joshua.