10 Online Side Hustle to Make $100 a Day

Making money online is one of the trending ways people make money, especially the young ones. Below are 10 proven ways you can make money online from the U.S and other parts of the world. Are you interested in making $100 and above? Your answer should be yes. Below are the ways you can make money online.

10 Online Side Hustle to make $100 a Day.

1. Hive Blog

Do you know you can make money every week by sharing whatever you love doing on a daily basis? Well you can. This is one of the ways many are yet to discover and those who have are making good money from it. You can make as low as $2 to $100 and above. It all depends on how you present your work and also the originality of your work .Hive blockchain is a decentralized crypto blog that gives you the opportunity to make money from the comfort of your home just by sharing what you love doing or what you can do. You can be a photographer and make money, you can be a poet and make money, you can be an artist and make money, you can even be someone who put in creative writings and still make money. Well that seem strange right but it’s true. All you need to do is to sign up and start posting. When you make post you get paid with a crypto currency called hive. It also give you the opportunity to save money. The best part is that when you save you get to make interest from your money. This has helped a lot of people financially by just publishing what they like doing.

2. Blogging

Owning a blog that can make money requires you starting with money. You would have to get a domain name and also host your blog with a little amount of money before you can own a blog. Starting a blog isn’t expensive all you need to do is to make out time to write goood post which would bring good traffic to your blog. You can start a blog on niches you love so as to make good contribution to the Google world. Writing quality content is very essential because it makes Google rank your blog over other blogs.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing has helped many exercise their skills and many has also benefitted from it. You render services to people who are in need of your skill and they pay you. All you need to do is to deliver a good job to whoever you are rendering your service to.

4. Crypto Trading

Trading of crypto requires patience and also some few skills. To be an expert in crypto trading you either need to be mentored by someone or you can as well take out time to study crypto currencies on your own to know how it is done. Trust me when you take that bold step you would be grateful to me that you did.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the hottest ways to make money online currently. Affiliate marketing is all about recommending digital products to people who needs that and when they purchase that item through your link you would have a certain percentage allocated to you. You can do this from the comfort of your home and make money. You don’t have a blog so how do you intend to do that? All you need do is to sign up to Affiliate programs and follow the guidelines, make use of your social media and any requirements and you would make a decent amount of money.

6. Facebook

This has got to be some jokes right! But no is not. You can start making money from the comfort of your home by just creating and posting good contents. Currently Facebook now pay for good contents made on Facebook page. All you need is to create a Facebook account, then create a Facebook page and start posting contents. There are requirements you would need to meet before you would be eligible for payment but if you make good contents you would be about to make the requirements. Facebook also pay for posting reels.

7. Youtube

This is one of the oldest ways to make money online and till today it is still very effective.You can make cool dollars online on youtube by posting video contents. YouTube is just like the opposite of blogging. If you prefer speaking to the camera to pass your message rather than writing contents then YouTube is the best for you. All you need do is to create a YouTube channel chose a niche and start making quality video contents. You are going to grow your account to a particular level before you would be eligible for monetization. There are requirements to meet so as to be eligible for monetization. Getting a particular number of subscribers, would be required. All you need is to start. Just start.

8. Sell Your Photos

This might sound weird to you but it basically does not mean personal photos of yourself.If you are a photographer or someone who takes nice pictures you can sell. Stock photography websites are huge repositories of photographs. They cover many subjects you could imagine.Photos you upload can be sold more than once which allows you to make money even after your photo has been bought before. Sites like getty image and shutterstock are examples of website you can upload your photos to sell.

9. Online Courses

This can serve as a passive income for you. All you need do is to teach people about what you are good at by making pdf files or videos that can be downloaded. Whenever anyone needs acces to these informations they would have to pay to get these information. Many bloggers today have online courses they sell in different topics. How to start a blog, how to get traffic and even how to trade crypto.

10. Instagram

Alot of persons are now making money from Instagram by becoming an influencer on Instagram. All you need to do is to create an Instagram page grow your followers by posting quality content on your page that can attracts people to your page. When you get high numbers of followers brands would be willing to do business with you. You get to advertise for different brands and sign deal with different companies to profit their products.Making money from the above can seem easy but it takes originality of your work and consistency to get going.

If you are not consistent in what you do you might end up believing it is not possible to make money online so be consistent and work hard.