Privacy Policy

We have put together the privacy policy for our users. please go through all information thoroughly, and do us the pleasure of contacting us if you have any question.

Introduction To Our Policy

This privacy policy, was created to give our users the confidence of coming online to make use of our website. we are committed to give quality vital information to our users and also to protect their privacy.

Information collection practices

Below are the list of information’s we collect from our users

Personally Identifiable Information We Collect

We get your personal information from you when you when you contact us. we get information like

  • Your email address
  • Your names

How We Protect Your Information.

  • We provide information to our users and we never ask for credit card details.
  • We give information to you without asking for your personal details
  • We make use of an SSL certificate

Third Party Websites

Our websites may contain links to other websites. you are encouraged to read through their privacy policy as it may differ from our own privacy policy.

Third-party Disclosure

This website serves the main purpose of creating quality information to our readers and we do not engage in buying and selling.

Hosting partners and other partners who provides services to our website to ensure the smooth running of this website are not included.

anything relating to buying and selling on the website would be done after a proper notice has been sent out

Rights Related To Your Personal Information

Opt-out – at any point in time you can unsubscribe from any email information we provide on a regular basis

Sensitive Personal Information

You are strongly advised not to send any sensitive personal information to the website. these information include card details, social security number, information about your political life, ethnic life, criminal or any other personal information

Children’s Information

This website will not collect information from from children below the age of 16. however we would take appropriate measure to remove such information if contacted by either parents or guardians.