Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford who is richer?

"A pictpicture of RashforRashford and Pogba in Manchester United jersey"

Pogba’s networth

Paul Pogba is a professional football player from France whose career has been so wonderful.

The player is talented and also a funny man

Pogba currently plays for Manchester United. Pogba plays For France national team and he has a world cup record. He played for Juventus   for sometime and had a great time in juve.

The French player is a Muslim. 

Pogba was born on 15 March 1993 in Lagny-sur-marne, France

As of 2021 his networth is estimated to be $87million

Marcus Rashford networth

Marcus Rashford plays for the England national team and he is known to be one of the youngest players who have achieved alot during his career.  Rashford plays for Manchester United.

The young footballer is known to be one of the most talented strikers in the world

According to his networth is $83million which makes Paul pogba the richer player