Mike Tyson net worth,Career & Biography 2023 


Net Wort: $10million Though boxing seems to be a dangerous game with rules, many people enjoy it and also make a living from it. Tyson grew financially while fighting and was able to live on the career.

Networth:            $10million.
Name:                  Mike Tyson
Date of birth:      June 30, 1966
Age:                     57
Country:              United States of America 
Career:                 professional boxer

Early life.

Mike Tyson is a professional American boxer who had a successful career during his time. 

He is well known by many who love boxing. He holds a record as the youngest player to ever win a heavyweight championship. 

 Tyson was born in brownsville,  brooklyn, new york. 

Tyson’s biological father is listed as “Purcell Tyson”, Mike saw his father figure as Jimmy Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick was from Grier Town, North Carolina, and one of the neighbourhood’s top baseball players. He was quite a gambler. 

He was found in areas where you would see such people

His father figure later abandoned them. And when he was 16 years his mother also died. 

This left him to the career of his boxing manager Cus D’Amato. 

Due to the type of neighbourhood he grew up in he was always caught committing crime and has been arrested 38 times within age 13. Tyson went to school for some time and later dropped out from high school. 


Tyson made his first debut match in boxing when he was 18 years old. 

He became the champion after winning 26 matches out of 28. He won them with a KO or TKO. People saw Tyson to be the unbeatable type until Buster Douglas came in.  Douglas lasted longer with Tyson than any other fighter. 

Tyson was the first heavyweight boxer to simultaneously hold the WBA, WBC and IBF titles, and the only heavyweight to unify them successively. Just like Messi and Ronaldo are regarded as the best players of all time in football, Mike Tyson is also regarded as the best boxer of all time in boxing. 

Mike Tyson had tigers in his home in Ohio which is now abandoned. 

He owns expensive cars like the 1997 Bentley continental T, the lamborghini super Diablo twin turbo, jaguar XJ220, Rolls Royce, Aston-Martin lagonda, Ferrari and so on. He also has a 24 karat gold bathtub which cost about $2.2million. 

Mike acquired a cannabis farm, he own a house in Las Vegas, jewellery collections and many more

The bathtub was thought to have been located at one of his many mansions that he owned before he filed for bankruptcy protection some years back.

Mike Tyson net worth

Initially Mike Tyson was worth over $300million but due to mismanagement his net worth drops and today he is worth just $10million dollars