Lionel Messi and Braithwaite who is richer?

"Lionel messi and Braithwaite in their club Jersey"

Lionel Messi networth

To many football fans Lionel messi is he best player while to others it is ronaldo

Lionel messi is from Argentina. He plays for Barcelona club and is also part of the Argentina football squad.

He recently led his national team to victory winning the Copa American trophy. 

Messi has proven him self both at club level and international level. 

The Argentine is blessed with lovely family
He is one of the players getting the highest salary in football.

Messi has won several awards and am sure there are more to come.
Messi owns a very beautiful home and he also has luxury cars.

According to his networth is estimated at $400million

Braithwaite networth

Braithwaite is a footballer and also a businessman.
He recently joined Barcelona from Middlesbrough and he is seen as the second richest Barcelona player after messi.

He made money from investing in  real estate which has increased his networth.
He plays for Denmark national team.

Braithwaite is married and has kids. 

The footballer has gained success in real estate which which has grown his networth

According to his networth is estimated at £13.7million  making him the second richest Barcelona player currently

Messi is richer than braithwaite.