How To Make £60 Fast in the UK: 12 Proven Methods

To make £60 fast in the UK you need to try several legal methods to do that. Whatever method you decide to go with you need to be consistent and hardworking as these are the factors that can make you achieve great results. 

Making money in the UK  might seem easy when you see people living a luxurious life. This is simply because they were focused, hardworking and consistent in what they were doing. Hardwork and patience pays. Some of the methods listed below will even make over £60 if you are consistent.

There are different methods that can make you £60 fast in the UK but I will be losing out a few proven ways that can make you £60 and above only if you work towards it.

How To Make £60 Fast in the UK: 12 Proven Methods

1. Freelance writer 

A freelance writer can make £60 fast in the UK. If you have a skill in writing then freelance writing will let you earn money from your writing skill. 

You can reach out to companies and contacts you feel will be in need of your writing skill and you might just be lucky. Well many may see reaching out to companies as an idea that won’t work but there are many with such success stories who have been contacted after reaching out to a company. 

All you need to do is to make sure your LinkedIn account is up to date and well arranged and all personal information is positive about you as this would be a means to draw clients to you. You should also set up a website that showcases your best works. Also include your area of expertise so as to make known to the public areas you are good at. Lastly make sure you make it easy for people to get in touch with you whenever they need your service.

2. Cake Making

There are good cake makers out there who are unable to start a business. Making can make you £60 fast in the UK. If you are a cake maker you can start by looking into the relevant food safety procedure to start your cake making business. 

3. Babysitting 

Babysitting can make you £60 fast in the UK. If you have a spare evening you can decide to try this out. Babysitting can make you £60 fast in the UK. If you know any parents in need of a break then you could help out to make some spending money for yourself. 

Children are blessings from God but still as a parent you would need some spare time to yourself either too focused on work or other things that are necessary to the family. Babysitting can make you £60 fast in the UK and you would be paid according to the number of hours you babysit.

4. Sell Unwanted Items

Selling out unwanted items can make you £60 fast in the UK. You should sell unwanted items and not your main items still needed. If there are items you inherited or items you no longer use in the house  you can sell them for cash. Items you have not used in the last one year can be sold out for money as this would reduce unwanted items in your home.

5. Offer Gardening Services

Do you love being outdoors? Yes, then you can use your time to make money while you are out. In gardening services you can make £60 fast in the UK. 

All you need to do is to offer to maintain your neighbor’s garden for a particular amount. You can offer to plant, mow or clear for a neighbor as these are some jobs many would avoid doing. Since they prefer paying someone to do it then you could do it for a fee.

6. Cat/Dog Groomer

You can make £60 fast in the UK for grooming a cart or a dog. If you are someone who likes playing or taking care of pets like dogs or cats then you can consider this as a side hustle to make £60 fast in the UK. 

There are many dogs/cat owners who hate to groom their pet regularly either because of time or they feel it is stressful for them to do. It is recommended that you take a course on animal care and also have some work experience with a qualified, experienced pet groomer.

7. Ironing Services

It is normal for people to dislike what you may see as important. To make £60 fast in the UK, you can start rendering ironing services to family friends, neighbors and also strangers. All you need to do is to advertise yourself locally to people around you through the best way you can. Some people find it hard to iron their clothes by themselves so you can offer ironing services to them.

8. Website design

With the knowledge of website design you can make £60 fast in the UK. There are millions of websites online today and there are more to be created. If you have the knowledge of designing a website you can make money from it. 

For a good business to look very attractive and official it is normal for that business to have a website especially when it is an e-commerce business. All a website designer needs to do is to make a website look attractive and professional. To be a pro in this field you would need to get the knowledge from a website designer or attend a class for it.

9. Online Teaching 

Just the same way people go to school to learn, you can also teach online and make £60 fast in the UK. Teaching online does not really require any large amount of qualifications. 

 All you need is your skill. If you are good at teaching English you can start by advertising yourself to people for a start. You get paid per hour and this depends on what has been agreed by you. Teaching online does not only apply to teaching the English language. You can also teach other languages, and even teach certain skills you have like music, yoga, and many more.

10. Become a Reseller

A reseller can make £60 fast in the UK. There are wholesale products everywhere to be sold. You can buy These wholesale products at a low price and sell them for a high price. 

Doing this will let you make £60 fast in the UK. When products are bought from wholesalers it is normal for you to sell at high price to get your profit.

11. Review Websites and Apps

There are websites you go through and you really don’t like what you see. If you review a website you can make £60 fast in the UK. 

You can now share your thoughts about a website both good or bad. But you can also get paid for your thoughts. There are sites that can pay you for testing websites. Sites like,, and many others. All of these sites have certain prices they pay when you test a website.

12. Sell your Photos Online

Selling photos online can make you £60 fast in the UK. Selling photos online doesn’t mean it must be a picture of you. You can take photos of different things. All that matters is that your photos sell.

 If you have a nice camera at hand you can consider taking nice photos with your camera. You get to receive money when you sell that and one good thing is that one photo can be sold many times.

You can sell images to stock photography websites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock.  You get to earn some pennies when your photos are sold. This is why you need to upload a lot of photos so you can make a lot from them.

How To Make £60 Fast in the UK: 12 Proven Methods-conclusion 

Making money is important. To make £60 fast in the UK fast can be achieved if you devote your time to try any of these Methods. The methods listed above are proven and have made money for many. Some methods like blogging have made 6 figures for many people today.

Blogging and YouTube channels have a major way of making money for the owners with Google ads but there are other diverse ways that you can still make money from them. 

For example in blogging you get to make money from selling courses online, creating ebooks, making use of affiliate network links and giving out space for sponsored ads. All you need to do is to put in work. 

You need to give out original content because if you are found to have plagiarized you might end up not being able to monetize your blog with Google ads. 

More methods on how to make money in the UK will be revealed in other posts as there are many other ways to make money. Currently making money online is one of the trending ways young millionaires are getting paid.