How to Make $10,000 Dollars Monthly. 5 Most Effective Ways.

In this contemporary society, people do not depend on one job to become wealthy or even be famous, they need to combine 3 or more jobs to get their salaries and be able to make ends meet. In view, there are several ways an individual can make more money, almost $10,000 remotely or by creating his or her own job. However, it takes time, patience and effort to accomplish this feat but it can be achieved. Moreover, to achieve this feat of earning $10,000 can never be in a day, it can take months or even years. Below are some explanatory lists of jobs to do that can earn you that amount. Stay tuned.

How to Make $10,000 Monthly. 5 Effective Ways.

  1. YouTube vlogging. 

it is one thing to be a blogger and another to be a logger, there is a great difference between both terms. While blogging is the act of writing articles for a website, vlogging entails using video format. In recent times, engaging in YouTube vlogging has become the real deal in making money online. Blogging stands for video blog or video log. There are millionaires who made their money practically by making videos on quality content. In return, they earn through the amount of viewers who watch their videos, subscribe to their channels and even use ads to boost their network. Although it could take time to achieve success, with the right content, the right audience, the right subject matter, especially one that captures the people’s attention, you can make it faster. For instance, discussing tech related matters on YouTube is a trend these days. Loggers who make reviews of smartphones and laptops are getting views because people tend to seek assistance by watching videos of a product they intend to purchase. Other contents that can flourish are lifestyle vlogs, music vlogs, food vlogs and so many more.

  1. Real estate.

 This aspect seems to be the next big deal, because lands and houses never depreciate but rather they appreciate. Real estate refers to something you can own. To own a house or an apartment requires a lot of money. Then what will happen when you are a real estate agent, there are many areas in real estate one can deal in ranging from apartments, units, houses, duplexes and so on, all you just have to do is find the area where you would be spectacular in. The area where you would learn more to upgrade your strategies and deploy effective means to raise revenue. You can also teach a course on real estate where you get paid. You could even write an ebook and sell it on Amazon or online book stores. One advice is to try to build a customer relationship first, focus on your client needs before the money. When you put all these in place, you would even achieve and earn more than $10,000 monthly.

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  1. Gold.

 It is no longer a fantasy why some folks are drawn to buying and holding gold (I used a crypto term there). The benefits of having gold is the fact that it appreciates just like land. The price at which you invest in gold today will be different from its price in the future. Yes, you can earn $10,000 if you decide to invest in gold products or even be an agent of selling pure gold to rich people or people who can afford it. Gold products can come in  Antiques, jewelries, watches,gold bars, gold coins, medals, rings and so on. 

  1. Dropshipping. 

This is another way an individual can earn $10,000 monthly. It has become a popular fact that people who engage in dropshipping then work at their own pace and space and still earn a good and reasonable amount of money. Dropshipping is simply the act of Opening a business  of  hassles which involves managing inventory, packaging, or shipping. Simply, dropshipping has to do with selling products to customers although not directly but through third parties. You do not have to be bothered, what it involves is that, you create a website, probably an online store, then a customer orders from your store, that store automatically redirects your customer to your dropshipping supplier, then you supplier validates the customers order and ships to package directly to your customers. That’s it… 

  1. Become an influencer.

An influencer is someone who promotes other people’s products and services online. There are different types of influencers. Nowadays many have taken that bold step to create an online audience on different social media platforms where they advertise products and services for companies. This at first might seem kind of difficult in growing your fan base but if you are consistent in what you do then you are definitely going to get a good result. Companies contact influencers to advertise their products and this is not done for free. You get paid handsomely and you might also get some of their product delivered to you for free as part of the benefits. You can start growing your Instagram page for that and even your twitter account. The numbers of engagement you can get on your social media handle determine how fast companies are going to make deals with you.


All five ways mentioned above are very effective. Some can make passive income for you if you build on it effectively. There are other ways to go about making money which will be updated in other posts. Some of the ways listed are not strictly online alone but they work on and offline. Believe in yourself and set a goal today and be happy you did so. Read books that build your knowledge about making money and also get to read about people’s success stories.