Highest earners on YouTube

Highest earners on YouTube

An 8 years old tops the least of the highest earners. He as at 2019 he earned $26million on YouTube.

Ryan Kaji is behind the youtube’s channel “Ryan’s world” remained the videos platform highest earners for a second year. He made about $26million in 2019 according to Forbes annual list.

As at 2018 he earned $22million and now his wealth has increased.

The channels includes educational videos for kids, such as science experiment.

Kaji has about 23million subscribers and he lives in Texas. He now has clothing and toy lines and a show in Nickelodeon and a deal with streaming service Hulu, according to Forbes.

Other top 10 earners are:

1.  Ryan kaji-  $26million
2. Dude perfect-  $20million
3. Anastasia Radzinskaya – $18million
4. Rhett and link-  $17.5million
5. Jeffree star –  $17million
6. Preston-  $14million
7. PewDiePie tied with Markiplier –  $13million
8. DanTDM-  $12million
9. Vanoss Gaming-  $11.5million