Best and Simple Ways to Save Money. 11 Proven Ways.

Having money is very essential for everyone. It is important to save money as this will help you in future. Also, hustling at your early stage in life as a youth and saving throughout would help you live a relaxed life when you become older. 

Imagine you had a good Job when you were younger and there was no savings plan from your end. It would definitely feel the need when you become old or when there is an emergency for money.

In saving you are either saving for short term or long term.

Short term goal: is when you save to achieve your goal within a short period. Like saving to buy a car, saving to go on a vacation and many more. While

Long term goal: is when goals are set for saving for a longer time like saving to buy a house or saving for retirement. 

There are different reasons why you should start saving today. Some of the reasons are

  1. Save for emergency need
  2. Save for your old age
  3. Save to reduce unwanted spending
  4. Save to invest 
  5. Save to be financially buoyant at anytime 
  6. Save because money is necessary 

There are a lot more reasons for saving but the most common reasons are 1,2 and 4.

10 Best and Simple Ways to Save Money.

  1. Set saving goals.

This is important when you want to start saving. You need to set a goal for savings. Before you save you need to know what you want to save for. If you are Saving for a short term or a long term. When you have made up your mind on what you want to save then you would estimate how much you are going to need for whatever you want to achieve.

  1. Note your expenses.

It is important to note your expenses so you would be fully ready to save. You should know what you spend on a daily basis. What you spent on utility bills, fueling your car, paying for food and many more. When all these are noted then you would know how much you would be able to save from what you have. 

  1. Stop unnecessary spending. 

To be able to save money it is important you let go of certain things. Reducing what you spend on smoking, drinking and clubbing would help you go a long way in saving money. A scale of preference can be drawn to know what is more important to you and what is less important to you. By doing this you will find out that you have been taking less important things as being important.

  1. Cook your food.

It is important you start cooking most of your meals and reduce eating out. Spending about $7 buying lunch every day would not help in saving. You can start packing your lunch from home to reduce buying food during lunch breaks. 

  1. Limit going on vacation. 

Going on vacations can be fun but if you really want to achieve a certain financial goal then it would do you good to limit vacations. Spending thousands on airline tickets to go for a vacation will be a hindrance to saving.

Make use of your backyard garden and if possible make use of available locations close by so as to reduce cost.

  1. Learn to say “NO”.

You must learn to say no to things that are less important or things that would keep reducing your financial status every time you do them. When you smoke, drink and do stuff that doesn’t add up to your finances then you should learn to say no to them at some points. Saying no will help you save money.

  1. Skip the coffee shop.

This means you should reduce spending on coffee. This could be a bit hard to do but if you do you will be happy you did. Instead of spending $6 and more daily to get coffee you could save a lot when you make your coffee at home. This will go a long way to saving.

  1. Lower your cell phone bills.

If your cell phone bills are too high it could hinder you from saving. You need to get rid of extras like phone insurance, costly data plans and warranties that are not worth it. 

  1. Save money automatically. 

It is possible to save money automatically. You can set up your bank account to transfer funds from your checking account into a savings account every month. All you need to do is to set up your account to automatically transfer a percent of each paycheck you get. This will help you save a lot.

  1. Cut down on your grocery budget.

Sometimes after making a budget for grocery shopping you find out that you end up spending more in a grocery shop each month. Make a proper list of important stuff to get and strictly follow the list when you go shopping. While picking items you might be tempted to pick other items you never had in mind but be bold enough to say “NO”.

  1. Make use of libraries.

The library has been a very important aspect of developing human knowledge for a long time. When you go online to search for information and books on a particular field you end up having to pay to access this information. Making use of the library gives you free access to most of these information materials because they have been subscribed for by the library.


It is important to note that saving your money has a big advantage at the end of your saving period especially if you were very diligent during those periods. 

There are other ways people save money that were not stated but be rest assured that the best and Simple Ways to Save Money were the ways listed above for you to start saving.