10 Adidas Soccer Cleats that are Mind Blowing. 

Over the years Adidas has been one of the top brands that produce quality cleats. Their cleats are widely used all over the world by many football players and even famous players like Lionel Messi. Adidas also makes comfortable footwear and clothes. These cleats below were selected from the Adidas official website to show you some of their products. The criteria used in selecting these cleats are..

  • Their design
  • The beauty of the cleats
  • The color
  • Uniqueness 

Below are the cleats selected.

  1. Predator Accuracy.3 FG

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On the Adidas website this particular cleat has a 4.4 star in terms of quality and a 3.8 star rating in terms of comfort. Many who have bought and tested these cleats have made good reviews about it.

This cleats makes a real statement on the pitch with a design influenced by the origin Adidas x Parley shoe.

These cleats are built for comfort. It also has a nice color that makes it beautiful. 

On the Adidas store there are about 5 different colors available. 

  1. X Speed portal. 3 FG

Image from thebootsmania 

This cleat has 4.1 star rating in comfort and a 3.6 star in quality.this cleat I built to fly on firm ground they are not heavy which make it easy for anyone wearing it to make fast movement with it. This cleat was made with a series of recycled materials. According to Adidas this product represents one of their solutions to help end plastic waste. It is comfortable to wear.

  1. Adizero Cleats

Image from lacrosseunlimited 

From the rating on Adidas website this cleat seems to have a good experience with customers. It has a 4.2 star rating for comfort and a 4.3 star rating for quality.

These products promise to make the feet fresh throughout the game.

  1. Predator Accuracy.4 Flexible Ground Soccer Cleats

Image from amazon 

This cleats has a good rating for comfort and for quality and still has a good price. though some reviews do not recommend it. Most cleats produced are made from recycled materials. This cleat promises comfort for the buyer.

  1. Adidas Unisex-Adult X Speedportal.2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

Image from amazon

First thing that captures the eyes is the color of these cleats. It has a sole made with synthetic Rubber.it is built for excellent grip. This is a unisex product which means it can be used by both male and females.

  1. Adidas unisex adult X Speedflow Messi.3 

Image from amazon

You will agree with me that cleats with outstanding colors have a way of standing out. This is light in weight as it allows for easy movement.

  1. Goletto VIII 

Image from amazon

The reason this shoe is making our list is because of the design. These cleats look like the old type produced years ago. There is this look it brings out that seem old but beautiful

  1. Unisex-Adult Copa 19.4

Image from amazon

This happens to be one of the finest black cleats amongst all other cleats listed but still has that beauty in it. It is built in a way that makes it stand out.

  1. Edge 3.

Image from amazon

This Edge 3. Is built with synthetic rubber and a lace. It fits well when worn by a player and we can say it is also fashionable. 

  1. Predator Edge 1.

Image from amazon

This has got to be a rare mixture of color. And for sure it is beautiful. It is built in style and the combination of colors are beautiful. It is comfortable to wear and fits well.


These cleats are selected from many Adidas products. It serves as a pointer to the fact that there are beautiful Adidas cleats produced. To check more beautiful products you can browse through their official website. It is important to wear great cleats as it makes you comfortable when on the field.